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ISO-L8R155 Speaker Stands

Tested and evaluated at the National Research Council

After initiating the IsoAcoustics design principles at CBC, Dave Morrison continued to develop and evolve the design. Testing and evaluation conducted at the National Research Council (NRC) facilities in Ottawa, including technical equipment and research facilities, helped fine tune the design.

Filed under US patent No. 7,640,868 with international patents pending.

Laser Vibrometer Testing
  • Conducted by the National Research Council in Ottawa, Canada
  • Illustrated and quantified the attenuation of vibrations down through the speaker stand structure.

These graphics illustrate 75hz tests on 3 separate stand configurations, with an amplitude of up to 314 m/s on the front plane of the speaker enclosure.

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 Newton's Third Law:
The Law of Reciprocal Action

  • Newton's third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

  • Audio speakers are affected by this principle. As the speaker cone is driven to move air forward, the enclosure and supporting structure are driven backwards with equal force.

    The ISO-L8R155 Audio System attenuates the transfer of energy into the supporting structure with a unique design that resists off-axis energy while absorbing the on-axis energy at a progressive rate.

       Woofer cone is driven forward

    Enclosure is driven backwards

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